OBE Thoughts

“I can feel the air, smell the air, I can taste the food. I can feel just like when I am here.

“Time there runs at its own pace, though. It’s not tethered to ours.

“If we want it to be 5 minutes time it will be so, and if we want it to be 8 hours it will be so.”

William P. said of OBEs, out of body experiences. OBEs are very strange things. Have you ever had one?

And here’s the white wisdom tree.

from Instagram: http://bit.ly/29B6py6
I am pleased with the way the White Wisdom Tree turned out. I am not used to working with white silhouettes, so I had a challenge on my hands.  Unusually, I did the trunk and limbs differently. I used white gel pen directly on the watercolor for the trunk. I got patchy results even with me cleaning off the gel pen tip repeatedly. I tried a new tactic with the branches, laying down a layer of Luminance white colored pencil, then putting the gel pen  on top of it. Great! I went back to the patchy trunk. I could not make the Luminance then gel pen tactic work there. I grabbed some white gesso and bam, there’s the trunk. I had more of a learning curve doing this Wisdom Tree than I had anticipated, but as is often the case, that’s the fun of it.