BAM…and so it goes

Art supplies, I love them
Stonehenge and Watercolor papers in the studio. Must have art supplies to continue making art and art jewelry.
Daniel Smith Extra Fine
Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors are da bomb.

and BAM!
There it slams into you, making you stop thinking of all else

My father has died.

Suddenly nothing else rates even an honorable mention.

OBE Thoughts

“I can feel the air, smell the air, I can taste the food. I can feel just like when I am here.

“Time there runs at its own pace, though. It’s not tethered to ours.

“If we want it to be 5 minutes time it will be so, and if we want it to be 8 hours it will be so.”

William P. said of OBEs, out of body experiences. OBEs are very strange things. Have you ever had one?