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I’m Robyn Harton, and my overall job description in the world, and as a minister of Universal Life Church Ministries, is to shine as much Light into the world as I can. My personal ministry is to strive to bring inspiration, positive energy, and Light though art, writings, Reiki and Seichim, and more. Inspirations underscore everything I do.

Here at I sharethoughts, art, quotations and teachings that have brought me inspiration, and are part of my ministry and life.

Tumbled Stones

Sacred crystal meanings at my Crystal Meanings site.

I make mystical handmade crystals and ENERGY jewelry.
I also offer extensive free articles on crystals, healing, and Reiki/Seichim.

I’m a crazy cat lady, and I am the typist for a catnip stuffed duck. I have volunteered for years online helping animals and have helped raise thousands of dollars to benefit animal rescues and charities as well as other animals in need.

You can find links to some of the things that interest me here.

I’m excited to find more inspiring and fun things to do.

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I was originally ordained in 1996 by the ULCHQ out of Modesto, CA. Due to lack of ministry support, I decided, after 3 years consideration, to become ordained in the ULC Ministries out of Seattle, WA which has a much more robust community.


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