Missy Gree

This is my sweet Gree Cat in a photo from earlier this year. She’s been sick lately and has lost a lot of weight. I’ve been channeling Reiki/Seichim to her and getting her vet care. I would appreciate any positive energy, healing, prayers or good mojo you’ve got for her. Thank you. šŸ™‚

Gree likes the down blankie. It is just her due.

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Unconditional Love Healing For You

Rose Quartz Heart from my CrystalsAndJewelry.com site
Rose Quartz Heart Photo from my CrystalsAndJewelry.com site

All of us want unconditional love. It is a healing balm to our souls. Some of us are lucky enough to get it from the people we most wish it from. Others of us are not. Even if we are not, it does not mean that we can not get it. It just means we have to look moreĀ places.

Here is aĀ healing artwork of unconditional love for you, regardless of what else may be going on around you. I created it in an atmosphere of prayer and intent that any who use it draw these wanted energies to themselves.

Unconditional Love is healing
UseĀ this original, intentional art with onĀ or under a crystal grid, under your pillow, or to carry with you, to bring energies of unconditional love.

Symbols, colors, and words in this intentional art all come together to bring those healing, life-affirming, love energies to you. Print a copy of the mystical artĀ out andĀ be ready to accept healing loveĀ energy.

Some other ways to foster and bringĀ unconditional love

  • Love others unconditionally. We get back what we put out into the world. Even if we’re not perfect at it, the intention counts.
  • Practice gratitude. The more we look for things to be grateful for, the more we see what we already have in our lives, and that can be pretty amazing.
  • Use or wear crystals that are used to bring love energy.
  • Use symbols or images of love in your environment.
  • Read poems or books about love of the Spirit, mind, heart.
  • Take time to learn what means unconditional love to you and adjust your thinking about itĀ your past beliefs are not useful.
  • Open the heart chakra with beneficial foods, exercises, and more.

All these things can help bring rich, personal energy of love to your life. Just for you.