In the studio

Boots Portrait
Boots the Cat

Boots has been helping me out around the studio. So I told him I’d do his portrait in watercolor. I did it impressionistically to show his kitten side. I hope he likes his portrait. I’m afraid he’ll make me pay in catnip next time for his help in the studio.


I lost my Pepi. I gained my Boots.

My poor Pepi had severe renal failure. He was miserable and hiding under a footstool. So I had to let him go OTRB. It broke my heart.Pepi

That left only Boni Maroni in the House of the Mostly Black Cats. One cat is too few. And I was sad and lonely.

So we went to the SPCA to see if I could find a friend. I looked at most of the black cats but for one serious reason or another, they would not fit in. Then I saw Boots.

Boots the Cat

He was perfect. He’s a black cat (Orange is the New Black, you know), he’s an older cat of 9 years, he’s very laid back, even around other cats, and he keeps me company so I’m not lonely even though I’m sad about Pepi. My broken heart will mend and Boots will be my buddy.