I don’t always charge gingerale, but when I do… LOL As you may know, I’m a pretty strict proponent of indirect charging for crystal waters. The ginger ale is a perfect example–leave it in the bottle and settle it gently on a bowl of crystals. Not fancy, but it works. Try it some time.

Photo from my Instagram: http://bit.ly/2dWfhDd

Teach Kids ArtBoy, is this ever true. I can’t even afford a cheap beer habit. Heeee.
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I like gel pens because they give you bright color easily. To me that’s a wonderful up-side because I love color. A downside of using them is that they can get clogged up, too.
I found these  resources for ideas to unclog gel pens. They  work. I tried them. You might find them useful too.


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Gel  Pens