Boots dreams he is like thisI’ve been meaning to do a  post, but that’s hard when you don’t know what to say. Or, rather, when it feels too weird to say it.
My cat Boots dreams of being a great lion. That’s how he sees himself. He’s not really a lion, but that’s okay.

For 15+ years I saw myself, in great part, as I’m not that website, but that’s okay. Actually, since I’ve sold it, that’s a very good thing. I’d like to keep myself, thanks.

The problem is that where the daily concerns of that particular business were, there’s now a series of gaping holes. I know I’ll adjust. I always do. I’m not always a fan of the adjustment period. Seldom, actually.

I’ll play with my art, and maybe even my art site. I may even tinker with when I can’t stand not to. (I must be a website addict.) And I’ll try to relax for a couple of weeks. After that a couple of irons will go in the fire, and we’ll see what comes of it. For now, let me work at relaxing. Maybe I’ll play with some rocks first.

I found some jewelry I made a while back. This piece was one of my two favorites, and it is awesome to wear. It’s about 13″ with a built in 3″ extender, but OMG the stones. Such a boho collection of mixed metals, even a bottle of crystals. Great energy to cleanse and enrich your life. It has amethyst and “new jade” earrings, but I didn’t put those on. It’s looking for its real home, so make me an offer I can’t refuse through my contact link .

I lost my father. I had not lived with him since I was 9, and we’d had our ups and downs like any father and child, but that did not make him less my Dad. He even taught me how to change a tire and made me do it myself.
I miss you, Dad. I love you.

Tom Harton - Dad