Creatures sound a little wrong. I just wasn’t sure what to call a cat, a bird, and a deity surrounded by a lucky penny, a quartz crystal, and a tumbled carnelian.

I have them sitting on my desk to remind me of things. Ganesha, of the Divine I would like to bring to my art, and the carnelian for ceativity. The bluebird of happiness given me by a friend is a reminder that I am supported to bring happiness to my work  by friends and others. The glass cat is one my father had to remind him of me; now I am reminded of him and all those who have gone before and how they cheered me on with m y artworks. The quartz crystal is for power, the po wer to do true and powerful pieces. Lastely, I have my luck y penny there beccause everyone needs a little luck.

Do you have things that remind or su pport you in your art or other endeavors? What are they ?

I can’t encrypt this site.

*geek alert*

Dreamhost couldn’t encrypt this site because the nameservers were elsewhere. Tucows, it said. I have no idea how to log in–including the link to log in to do so– since it was 21 years ago that I registered at Tucows, possibly through a third party provider.

*end geek alert*

Maybe the Gods of Encryption will smile upon me and encrypt me, though. Miracles have been known to happen. Really. Really? Yeah.