Things That Interest Me

I have a wide variety of interests. Here are some of the things that tickle my brain and my fancy, as well as things that I find useful.

Boots as a Lion for Arts and Crafts

Art & Crafts

My interest in art and jewelry is primarily in the making it. I don’t spend a great deal of time talking about it. Most of my discussion about my work is on blog posts, articles on my sites, and on social media. My jewelry and art is based on timeless energy rather than based on a passing fashion.

  • Etsy (US) – Artists, Crafters, and Art and Craft Supplies
  • Facebook – I find a lot of art & crafts info here
  • Society6 – Awesome printed items from small bags to comforters.
  • Zentangle

Grumpy Cat

I am a HUGE Grumpy Cat fan. If you wandered into my studio you’d figure it out from the stuffed Grumpy, and the buttons, and the mugs, and the pens and… yeah.


Ganesh and friends

Mystical, Metaphysical & Spiritual

I regularly research and write about mystical, metaphysical and spiritual subjects. Google is my biggest resource outside books and people; it helps me find whatever I’m looking for. Squarespace and WordPress help me bring articles to light.

Gree the cat

Cats & A Catnip Stuffed Duck

  • HotMBC – My cats on Facebook
  • Nipclub – Having fun raising funds for animal charities (The nip in Nipclub stands for catnip, btw.)
  • Psychokitty – Max, Author, Blogging Cat, Inspiration
  • oh and George the Duck who I type for (and who is funnier than me)

Software & Services I Use

It may be a bit peculiar to talk about software and services I use here, but most of them I use daily which amounts to a real interest.

Milky Way with a man


As a child, I watched the first men walk on the moon. 2001: A Space Odyssey was the first full-length film I ever watched–my parents couldn’t find a babysitter, so they took my brother and I to see it. I have Star Trek in my blood. It was almost impossible for me not to be interested in space, real and artistically presented.