I bought a piece from a fellow artist some months back. It was one she had done as part of #The100DayProject.

 Not fellow artist's piece. My Not fellow artist’s piece. My “Hot Day”. Hers is framed and on the wall and I’m too lazy to take it apart to photograph. Ooops.

I looked into it, and it sounds interesting. Challenging. But interesting. The next one starts April 3, and I’m going for it.

My project will be to create a body of work of 100 pieces of visual art. I might paint, collage, draw, do digital art, whatever. 100 pieces of visual art of some kind, and I get to decide what counts as art.

It’s a marathon. Wish me luck.

And for 100 days starting April 3, come find me on Instagram at my page or using hashtag #robynharton100daysart to see what the devil I’m up to with it. Heeeee