I love color so I was pretty sure I’d like QoR watercolor paints. When I was at Plaza Art a week or so ago, I got a set of the QoR High Chroma. The more color the better, right?
I did some flapping a brush with the QoR watercolors on paper as test runs.

QoR watercolor paints test

Oh yeah. They’re pretty. Especially the Cobalt Teal. The Dioxazine purple is more or less like any Dioxazine  purple as far as I can see.  The other colors, even in some head to head tests with Daniel Smith watercolors which for some reason I did not photograph, the QoR came out to some extent more saturated and intense. You’ll have to take my word on it or go test them yourself. If you want to take them for a head to head test run, the colors in QoR’s high chroma watercolor paints set are: Dioxazine Purple,  Cobalt Teal, Green Gold, Quinacridone Gold, Transparent Pyrrole Orange, and Quinacridone Magenta.

I really like the QoR watercolor paints, but not so much that I’m going to run out and try to replace all my current paints with QoRs. I would have to hock the cat! I would also have a hard time being pried away from my beloved Sennelier watercolors and the huge rainbow of Daniel Smith colors. I may add on to my selection or replace empties with QoRs. We will have to see how it goes.

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