It’s just a peek into a corner of my desk and one way I use crystal energy. I have a large smoky quartz crystal (in the rear) to help keep me grounded. The luscious green fluorite is organization and focus. Rose quartz rough chunks and polished mini-hearts are for compassion in all my dealings with people. Polished quartz for energy and channeling the information I need to me. The white selenite plate under the other stones–and my pens!–is for clearing and energizing all of them, plus keeping my angels nearby.

Energy Angel Art

This angel is happy to share Living Light energy with you for contentment, healing,  whatever you need. See the energy heating up her face and hands? The angel brings this energy to you with unconditional love from the Divine.

I brought this angel through with Sennelier watercolors, Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils on Arches 140 lb watercolor paper.
Originally from my Instagram:
Available as energy jewelry at my Crystal Meanings site.

from Instagram:
This is a painting in progress photographed late last night. I’m using Sennelier and Daniel Smith watercolors, and it’s growing well. I love stepping into the flow of the Universe to create and be at one through the creative process.
Many times I post doodles or WIPs or finished art on Instagram late at night. More than I post here. Find me  there at  @robynharton, and click follow.


I don’t always charge gingerale, but when I do… LOL As you may know, I’m a pretty strict proponent of indirect charging for crystal waters. The ginger ale is a perfect example–leave it in the bottle and settle it gently on a bowl of crystals. Not fancy, but it works. Try it some time.

Photo from my Instagram:


“I can feel the air, smell the air, I can taste the food. I can feel just like when I am here.

“Time there runs at its own pace, though. It’s not tethered to ours.

“If we want it to be 5 minutes time it will be so, and if we want it to be 8 hours it will be so.”

William P. said of OBEs, out of body experiences. OBEs are very strange things. Have you ever had one?