If I said a blast from the past, you might think old friends, TV shows, or something like that. You probably wouldn’t think of art supplies.  Almost 30 years since I graduated from college, though, I still have some from school. Here are a few.Art supplies from College

Milky Way with a man

It’s not really raining men. A very small drizzle maybe.  I am pleasantly surprised that two friends from my past have shown up recently, out of this huge universe. One is someone I had a birthday party with when I was 6. The other is a Reiki student. It’s fun to get back in touch with people, especially now when we can’t tell whether it’s really safe to go out at all.   Feel free to email me. I like new friends too.


Change Is Inevitable

The more things change…


At the moment I can’t say that the more they remain the same. The business I’ve had since 2002 has closed. My new site wasn’t performing as it should. My hands have problems so I can’t make jewelry. All in all it was time for it to end.

The site is still there. Its hosting was prepaid through the fall. After that I expect I will close it.

It hurts, this great change. Losing anything you put yourself into hurts. The hurt will pass.

A long time friend of mine told me two days ago that he’s not likely to live more than a month or so. What a sucker punch.  I’m crushed.