Lately, I have been drawn to create angel art. I find this amusing, because I have never had much to do with angels one way or another. Now? They are rolling off my paint brush and colored pencils in every spare moment.
Sometimes I know what an angel is about: healing, celebration, spiritual growth, and more. Other times I have no idea. I just know I have to bring the angel into this plane through art. The angel in the featured image above is an example of the latter. It makes my heart sing to bring through either kind.

Original Art Angels in Colored Pencil by Robyn Out of curiosity, since the Universe has been seeing fit to bring me angels, I started reading about them. I had no idea there were so many or what they might do.

Now I have a bunch of angels, and I need to get them to people. So I have started making jewelry out of the original angel art images. Woo hoo! They’ll be showing up soon at my Crystal Meanings site.

Who is your favorite angel or  archangel?

from Instagram:
This is a painting in progress photographed late last night. I’m using Sennelier and Daniel Smith watercolors, and it’s growing well. I love stepping into the flow of the Universe to create and be at one through the creative process.
Many times I post doodles or WIPs or finished art on Instagram late at night. More than I post here. Find me  there at  @robynharton, and click follow.

Healing, Hope, Inspiration, and Positive Energy

To bring healing and hope, inspiration and positive energy, shines sacred Light into the world.

Everyone has the capability to shine Light and positive energy into the world if they choose to do so. Everyone has access to the Sacred Divine by God or any other name.

The method of bringing healing, hope, inspiration and positive energy is secondary to the sacred Light of the Divine. There are many ways ranging from the simple to the complex.

Some methods are sharing inspiration, practicing gratitude, unconditional love, Reiki or other energy healing modalities, crystal grids, healing grids, meditation, drawing prayers, singing praying, meditative Zentangle®. Helping people, giving with no expectation of return, Those are just a few, but the list is endless. With just a little bit of effort you can bring more love and light into the world.