Disposable Technical Pens & Drawing Pens Test Drive

I use disposable technical pens for fine line drawing because I am not up to cleaning out ink and unclogging pen nibs of the refillable technical pens. I did that in Art School, and had enough of it then. Now good disposable technical pens and drawing pens are easy to find!

I had a problem with my disposable technical pens smudging if I used my water color pens or brush within a couple of minutes of laying down the ink when drawing. I poked around the web and discovered that they have to dry first. How long, I’m not sure; I had let a few dry overnight here in humidville. And then there were the smudges if I worked fast. I decided to try different kinds of disposable technical pens and drawing pens to see how they worked for me. When I got done, I had a lot of notes. Continue reading “Technical Pens and Drawing Pens”