A friend of mine was doing a dog transport — helping save rescued dogs by getting them to a safe place to find forever homes — came to drop some dogs here in town. I was happy that she had time to get together for lunch. I giggled when I saw the two pairs of glasses she lay on the table. What an awesome person to have two such cheerful pair of glasses! Not to mention doing dog transport. We had a great lunch which was over too soon. This photo of her glasses will always remind me of her visit and how lucky I am to have her as a friend.

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I have a Shungite pyramid on my desk. I try to keep it under my monitor. No such luck. I keep finding it between me and  the right hand speaker. Ok. Some energy there it wants to purify, I suppose. I’m curious why with an 8 foot radius area it “covers” it feels it must sit between me and that one speaker. I’m also curious what’s going on with the right speaker that’s not going on with the left. I may have to have a talk with my Shungite pyramid. Maybe I should also review its crystal meanings. We’ll see how it goes.