Change Is Inevitable

The more things change…


At the moment I can’t say that the more they remain the same. The business I’ve had since 2002 has closed. My new site wasn’t performing as it should. My hands have problems so I can’t make jewelry. All in all it was time for it to end.

The site is still there. Its hosting was prepaid through the fall. After that I expect I will close it.

It hurts, this great change. Losing anything you put yourself into hurts. The hurt will pass.

I can’t encrypt this site.

*geek alert*

Dreamhost couldn’t encrypt this site because the nameservers were elsewhere. Tucows, it said. I have no idea how to log in–including the link to log in to do so– since it was 21 years ago that I registered at Tucows, possibly through a third party provider.

*end geek alert*

Maybe the Gods of Encryption will smile upon me and encrypt me, though. Miracles have been known to happen. Really. Really? Yeah.